David Shulick

David Shulick

David Shulick

Business development and administration play crucial roles in maintaining successful organizations, and both are popular concepts among individuals who wish to grow their acumen and take control of their professional futures. Those who are interested in learning more about administration, business development, and associated topics typically turned to seasoned professionals who have the insight, expertise, and experience to educate others as they pursue essential resources.

David Shulick is a Corporate Affairs and Analysis professional who has dedicated his time to contributing to conversations through accessible information based around his areas of expertise. Through a collection of high-level resources addressing business development, administration, corporate affairs, analysis, and more David aims to help others contextualize their efforts in professional settings, reach their individualized goals, and experience success in their respective industries.

David Shulick Background

David Shulick is a Director of Corporate Affairs and Analysis based in Pennsylvania who is currently working for one of the world’s most recognized payment systems manufacturers to the vended laundry industry. In David’s role, he is responsible for maintaining proper corporate affairs processes for his company and its affiliates, executive management, commercial development, contracts, analysis, acquisitions, and sales. David Shulick also manages legal affairs which includes transactional legal work involving negotiation, litigation, drafting and enforcement sales agreements, negotiating and executing commercial lease agreements, vending contracts, and taking a leading role in other matters pertaining to corporate affairs. Previously, David Shulick served in several capacities as an administrator within the legal and commercial real estate sectors.

Colleagues of David Shulick uphold that he is a professional who is immensely passionate about improving existing processes and implementing new strategies to ensure that compliance, corporate affairs, and analysis remain as effective as possible. David is noted by his peers for his expansive knowledge of his areas of expertise and frequent endeavors to build on his acumen and make improvements whenever necessary. His keen eye for detail, ability to mitigate potential issues throughout essential processes, and interest in learning as much as possible about his fields are frequently mentioned as reasons why colleagues see him as an indispensable member of any team.

David Shulick’s Skills and Areas of Expertise

David Shulick upholds that the skills that he has accumulated throughout his career have played a vital role in his ability to achieve results and positively contribute to his professional development. Below are a few of David’s most notable skills that he utilizes within his roles

  • Business Development
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Analysis
  • Research
  • Real Estate
  • Consulting
  • Corporate Governance
  • Agreement Drafting
  • Commercial Development
  • Real Estate Development
  • Product Liability
  • Acquisitions
  • Executive Management
  • Administration
  • Sales
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Technical Writing
  • Human Resources
  • Trade Secrets
  • Public Liability

In addition to the skills that David has established, he is consistently working towards building his acumen and areas of expertise through trainings, attending industry events, and other learning opportunities related to his industry. David Shulick is a proponent of remaining a student of his field and encourages others to boost their marketability and knowledge by seizing learning opportunities as they come.

David Shulick on Important Qualities for Corporate Affairs Professionals

As a Corporate Affairs and Analysis professional, David Shulick is consistently asked questions regarding the skills that set the most successful individuals apart from their peers in the space. David Shulick maintains that there are a wide range of qualities that CEO’s typically look for when considering Corporate Affairs directors and, here, he explores a few of the most sought after characteristics for Corporate Affairs directors across industries.

Diverse Business, Financial, and Technical Skillsets

One of the most important things for individuals seeking careers as Corporate Affairs directors to note is that business leaders will want each executive within their team to have diverse skillsets. Truly successful Corporate Affairs executives should be able to bring valuable insights on strategies, communicate clearly to teams, and have general ideas of areas of business that they may not be specialists within themselves. This should be paired with an understanding of the technology, data, and metrics involved in maintaining successful business. David Shulick mentions that, while established knowledge is vital, successful professionals also have a passion for gaining insight and knowledge within their industry verticals, empowering them to predict, comprehend, and adapt to changes in market, competitive, and regulatory conditions.

Resilience and Adaptability

Corporate Affairs directors are expected to be experts at operating in fast paced environments with 24-hour news cycles and quickly adapt to changes within their space. Being able to combine new information and recent developments on markets, stakeholder expectations, regulatory settings, and managing conversations on tough topics to create clear strategies moving forward requires a vast amount of resilience to perform properly. The best Corporate Affairs directors across industries recognize that, regardless of their knowledge or experience, unexpected challenges and obstacles can occur at any turn. Rolling with the punches is an extremely valuable trait as a result.

Communication Skills

The most successful Corporate Affairs directors are able to communicate in a clear, concise, and purposeful way that adapts to the language of those who they are speaking with. Great communication skills empower Corporate Affairs directors to effectively manage external marketing and communications and better empower how an organization, its services, and products are interpreted by shareholders and stakeholders. Communication is also essential for ensuring that relationships and connections are properly valued and maintained as they assist with driving win-win outcomes in various professional representations. We look to our Corporate Affairs directors to be experts at controlling narratives, facilitating discussion, and properly communicating strategic visions of leading organizations.

More from David Shulick

David Shulick acknowledges that there are many individuals who would like to work on their professional futures by gaining knowledge of core concepts in business development, professionalism, administration, and personal development. In addition to this, evolving best practices, changing needs of workers and clients, and the implementation of new processes and technology ensures that staying ahead of industry can be daunting for even the most knowledgeable of us. Through resources exploring key topics as well as David’s professional expertise, he aims to help others seize control of their professional lives and find their place in the ever-evolving professional landscape.

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